These tabs are designed to neutralize destructive radiation levels from word processors, computer screens, TV screens, florescent lights, telephone receivers, power line transformers, and most electronic devices. They are neither electrical nor magnetic, but work with a different energy, which does not harm electronic equipment or discs.

(all come with instructions for installation)
From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Double Star Dielectric Resonator – projects a frequency which is calming and non-violent, also absorbs harmful energies and discharges them in a beneficial form – can be placed in the house or carried in a purse, briefcase, etc.
  • Personal Protective Crystal Catalyst Bead Gives continuous energy enhancement, while protecting from most harmful EMF radiations. It can be worn around the neck on a leather string or in a left sided pocket.
  • Cellular Phone Tab – clears most harmful radiations from phones, including cellular, cordless, or regular.
  • 3-Hole Resonator Bead – to neutralize hot water plumbing – place on hot water heater, or on any electronic device
  • 12-Point Resonator – sends a clearing energy in all directions. Attach to TV or computer monitor, or other electronic devices
  • Tri-Pak Dielectric Resonator - Effective neutralizer of electromagnetic noxious energy from electrical circuitry and power line transformers. To neutralize electrical wiring in walls place on main electrical panel of building.




10 Point Resonator – not pictured- protection against HAARP Radiations.

To protect from violence, HAARP radiations of extremely low frequencies. A powerful radionic device. No home, barn or kennel should be without one if you suspect HAARP RADIATION EXPOSURE. See price list page 68 of catalog.


A number of national magazines including the NEW YORKER, FAMILY CIRCLE, READERS DIGEST, as well as such prestigious publications as THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY, and SCIENCE, the publication of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE, have carried articles regarding the unsuspected dangers accompanying electromagnetic fields affecting the average home and business.

These fields have been indicated as a cause of increasing breast cancer in both men and women exposed to such radiation on the job. Male electricians, welders, broadcasters, computer operators, etc. have been shown to exhibit more than twice the risk of breast cancer. The General Council of Trade Unions of Japan surveyed 13,000 women VDT (Computer) operators who worked 6 or more hours per day on a VDT and found that 63.6% had trouble with their pregnancies. Men have also been shown to experience sexual dysfunction, and or carcinoma of the reproductive system.

The harmful energies accompanying electromagnetic fields from power line transformers, VDT's, etc. have been shown to greatly increase the incidence of leukemia, lymphoma, and nervous system cancers, especially in children. Children's cells multiply faster because they are growing and mutations become obvious sooner.

A recent study of the Scripps Clinic and Research foundation in La Jolla, Calif., involving 60 insomniacs exposed to electromagnetic radiation only 20 minutes 3 times a week, found that they nodded off 52 minutes faster, and stayed asleep 1.5 hours longer. An EPA study found that people who drive to work are exposed to from 4 to 8 times more electromagnetic radiation than those who operate a computer. Automobiles are loaded with electronics; the problem is increasing and is a major cause of auto accidents. Auto manufacturers are not addressing this problem.

DOESN'T GOVERNMENT REGULATION PROTECT US? No. VDT's are not subject to compulsory testing, reporting, and labeling.

WHAT CAN BE DONE TO PROTECT US AND OUR ANIMALS FROM SUCH DANGEROUS RADIATION? There are a number of devices that have been developed to correct this problem The West Germans market a device about the size of a package of cigarettes. It was developed to protect embassy workers in Russia from microwave broadcasts. It is battery operated and clears an area of about two feet. This type of unit can be purchased for about $70.00. The Electronic Smog Buster Tab does not require batteries and will clear an area of 12 to 15 feet. They do not wear out. They cost $15.00

TO USE THE ELECTRONIC SMOG BUSTER: We prefer to place the Tab on the front or top cabinet of your computer video display, or TV. The tabs are backed with a peel-off adhesive so they can be easily affixed to the source of offending radiation. Place them as a shield between you and any normal electronic equipment that depletes your energy. They act as an antenna and emit an energy, which alters the harmful aspects of most environmental radiation. People who wear Crystal Catalyst Beads, and use Tabs on their electronic equipment generally report they feel better and have more energy and less illness.

TELEPHONES: The telephone receiver, the part that is against your ear, emits very strong South Pole magnetic energy. There are harmful frequencies, which accompany this energy that have been shown to promote the growth of cancer and infections. Most people prefer to place an Electronic Smog Buster Tab on the backside of the earpiece.

AUTOMOBILES: Place the tab on top of the dashboard, on the center of the steering wheel, or under the dash, but between you and the electronics of the auto. We also suggest wearing a crystal catalyst Bead on long trips. Highways often parallel power lines and other sources of heavy radiation. Commuters generally report they have more energy, and experience less "jet lag" or after effects when using the resonators.

POWERLINE TRANSFORMERS produce an elliptical field, which extends out from the ground wire coming down the pole. The field extends up to a quarter of a mile. These zones are detectable with meters. If you work or sleep on such a zone, two Tabs are required. One should be placed on the baseboard on each side of the room where the field enters and leaves. This is because electric power lines have alternating current. It needs to be blocked from both directions.

MICROWAVE BROADCASTS ZIP RIGHT THROUGH HOMES OR OFFICES IN LINE WITH THE DISH. They are no better for you health than they were on the health of our workers in the American Embassy in Russia. You can place an Electronic Smog Buster Tab on the wall toward the dish. Tabs can also be placed on the top front of microwave cookers, but if you have reason to think yours leaks, have it repaired. In any event, don't stand next to it when it is operating.

NOXIOUS ZONES (GEOPATHAGENIC ZONES) ARE CAUSED BY UNDERGROUND MOVING WATER VEINS, AND GROUND FAULTS. These zones are very common¸ emit low-level gamma radiation, microwaves, a weak magnetic field, etc. The Chinese Emperor Kwang Yu wrote about them in 2000 BC. He termed them "The Claw of The Dragon". Much scientific research has been done on this problem in many countries, including a 40-year study by the government of the Netherlands. The West Germans make an electronic device for problem areas on highways. These zones subconsciously distract drivers by altering their brainwaves and thereby causing accidents.

Studies have linked arthritis, hypertension, and cancer to people sleeping over these energy zones. They prevent the body from resting and rebuilding during sleep. Office and factory workers exposed to such zones show increased irritability, and lowered resistance to illness. Studies have shown that homes built over such zones rate high in broken marriages and illness. One Tab placed on the floor beneath a bed directly under where you ache at night when you go to bed generally clears this type of radiation. If you still do not sleep well, you may have to clear above ground microwave broadcasts.

WHAT ARE THE TABS MADE OF AND HOW DO THEY WORK? The tabs are made of quartz crystal with special ingredients added as with super conductors.

HOW LONG HAVE THE TABS BEEN ON THE MARKET: They have been widely used since 1987 in homes, and business offices and have been tested by experts as far away as England, New Zealand, and Australia.

The effects of these noxious energy zones are magnified in animals because they are prisoners of confinement. If you notice that you do not feel well in your place of work, Or if both you and your pet are suffering pain and illness, it may be that you should consider purchasing these products and see if you and your animal companion feel better and have more energy.

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