BY Gloria Dodd DVM

Everyone has heard the terrible news of Japan’s earthquake and Tsunami disaster. but an even greater threat to Global Health is the Nuclear Radiation from the damaged Japanese nuclear reactor leaking noxious radioactive substances  into the air currents , being carried first to the western states of the United States and then around the world. To this date (3/27/11), the Japanese scientists have been unable to contain this leakage. It is polluting the ground water, oceans around Japan, and into the food grown in the area. Many workers whose skin  have been exposed to polluted water puddles have been hospitalized with severe radiation sickness and burns.

Japan does not stand alone in the devastation to the health of people and animals in their country. I have been detecting health problems in my California  animal patients that is being caused by this Nuclear Radiation. I am currently treating these patients with my new 3 bottle homeopathic Detox Nuclear Radiation Nosodes 6x, 30C and 60C.  To protect my animal patients who have not been exposed to this noxious radiation I am building a strong protective Electromagnetic Energy fields (EMF) in their organs with the use of my  Detox Nuclear Radiation 30C  homeopathy.

To my knowledge there is no way to wash off, neutralize with chemicals or substances this terrible radiation. However Homeopathy works  by its mirror image energy vibrations that neutralize the physical substance and allows the body to kick it out. My remedies all come with detailed instructions.

Directions for 3 bottle set Detox Nuclear Radiation Nosodes  6x, 30C, 60C:

Start with bottle 6X first, (please observe enclosure warning how to handle, administer and store homeopathy).  Put 4 tabs in accompanying squirt bottle with just enough spring water to melt tabs= 1 dose. Dose 1-3 times a day for 21 doses. Find your animals TOLERABLE LEVEL of frequency. You may be able to only give 1 x a day for 21 days. If animal is very old or weak.  Make fresh with  4 tabs dose with water each time.

Then go to bottle 30C, dose same frequency tolerated by your animal for 21 doses.Then end with 60C bottle dose same frequency. You MUST also give at the same time of detoxing, the homeopathy supportive remedy:   Male or Female Total Organ/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support 100C ---3 x daily for every detox day. Rest one month, then use the Detox Nuclear Radiation Nosode 30C bottle to build a strong protective EMF for your animal. See directions in enclosure instructions for building a strong EMF.Booster yearly if necessary.

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