What is Bronchial Asthma?

BA affects people and cats. It is an acute respiratory disease that is characterized by an abrupt onset of severe distress of being unable to breathe in air. The victim will show prolonged expiration (breathing out), coughing in more than half the cases and mild cyanosis (blueness of the tongue and gums) in more severe cases. The cat is bright and alert but prefers a sternal or sitting position and avoids exertion. Rectal temperatures are normal or slightly elevated because of breathing effects and anxiety.

Laboratory findings are normal except for high numbers of eosinophils. Eosinophils are white blood cells that are stimulated by a histamine "trigger" in the body, usually an allergic one.

X-Rays show trapped air within the alveoli of the lung (smallest air sacs), a vesicular emphysema. The bronchi, trachea and pulmonary vessels are abnormally prominent. Many times there is trapped air in the stomach and intestines swallowed when the cat was in respiratory distress. Autopsies on some affected cats show eosinophilic cells infiltrated around the bronchi and bronchioles. Most literature suggest an allergic cause but exact etiology is unknown.

Orthodox treatment is aimed at relief of acute emphysema and secondary bronchial spasm and and bronchiolar obstructions by a secretion composed of mucus and cells (mostly eosinophils). Prednisilone, a powerful cortisone or steroid is given, along with antibiotics prophylactically. For the bronchodilation needed, aminophylline is dispensed. Antihistamines have no affect. Cough depressants should never be used because it is desirable that the cat should be able to rid itself of mucus.

This treatment on a short- term therapy regime can be beneficial, except the condition is never short term. What happens is that more and stronger steroids and antibiotics are given, with resultant immune suppression and digestion disturbances occurring from the drugs. The cat becomes weakened with each ensuing attack and treatment and many times the animal is euthanized because the owner cannot bear the pet's suffering.

On an energy level, Eav has shown me there is a generalized toxicity of the large intestine, small intestine, stomach, liver, spleen, and pancreas. In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture energy has a balanced regenerative and destructive flow through all organ systems. But when the liver becomes overburdened with toxins its destructive energy flow becomes imbalanced and its relationship to the spleen, which makes up the immune system) and pancreas (which makes up digestive system) become increasingly under attack. Eventually the energy destructive forces filter down into the physical world, with impairment of the immune and digestive systems of the body. Allergies, asthma, tumors, improper nutrition, and pathologies in kidney, and heart can develop.

What Are these Toxins found in EAV ?

It starts in kittenhood with the first of many multiple-valent vaccines given, including Rabies Vaccine. The energy fields of these vaccines when tested on the asthmatic patient's Allergy Meridian with the Dermatron shows an elevated reading above normal with an indicator drop of the needle. This translates into initial inflammatory response of the immune system with concurrent degenerative processes going on. However, when nosodes in the homeopathic form of these same vaccines when tested on the patient, the response is an immediate normalizing reading. The older the cat, the more toxins have to be cleansed from the system, until not only the Allergy Meridian, but Lung, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Stomach, Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas and Heart meridians can be normalized. Other toxins found are heavy metals: aluminum from contaminated food crops and clay kitty litter used, and mercury especially in cats from fish meal based diets. A very toxic preservative in all commercial petfoods is ethoxyquin. It is used to preserve animal fat content of the diet. Ethoxyquin is a real baddie, having known to produce liver cancers in young animals, stillbirths, and reproductive problems. Any antibiotics and especially steroids are toxic too and must be cleansed by nosodal homeopathic remedies. Supportive organ remedies, my Custom Bronchial Allergy 100C for symptomatic relief and Lymph drainers are included to add to the healing.

Differential diagnosis of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can make an animal appear weak with shallow breathing. For this condition, please see product  Carbon Monoxide Support Formula 200C .

Holistic Treatment of Bronchia Asthma In Cats

A. Stop Exposure to any more Toxins:

  1. Start your cat on home made detoxed fresh foods, slowly introduced 10% to the regular pet food every day until in 10 days kitty is eating all fresh food diet. Diet and Detoxification of foods and water consumed is outlined in Newslettes #4, and Newsletter #7. and my Detox Blue Green Papers .
  2. Stop vaccinating with drug vaccines, Detox all past vaccinations noxious health affects and build a strong EMF to keep your kitty healthy and strong with my homeopathic Detox Cat nosode 30C and Detox Rabies nosode 30C
  3. Substitute herbals and homeopathics for first-aid treatments in future, not antibiotics, steroids, and other drugs. I have a wonderful Emergency First aid Handbook  and Animal Emergency Kit I have developed just for this purpose.
  4. Use only shredded newspapers or some other safe alternative to clay litters ( one important  source of chronic aluminum poisoning.)

B. Detox and Support Program: All items come with detailed instructions for use:

  1. Purchase the animal hair analysis kit, to rule out chronic heavy metal poisoning in your kitty, and to have the included nutritional mineral analysis of your pet. This gives you an idea of deficiencies and excesses in minerals of the body.
  2. If heavy metals are found, detox with my Homeopathic nosode 3 bottle Detox Heavy Metals. For specific antibiotics , please indicate specific names of the drugs when you order and I will add the homeopathic nosodal form to the detox set, for maximal cleansing. If kitty has been given any cortisone steroids, these must be detoxed first with my Detox Steroid Homeopathy 3 bottle set.
  3. Support and strengthen all the organs with  my homeopathic + Male or Female Total Organ Support/Endocrine Balance/Immune support 100C
  4. To treat and prevent asthma attacks, use my Custom homeopathic Bronchial Asthma 100C.
  5. Supplement with  antioxidant Radical Raiders  ( Vit A  as Beta Carotene, E, and Ester C, Radical Raiders, Zinc, Pycnogenol etc.) + Vit A ( can't can't make Vit A from Beta Carotene)
  6. Aerobic o7- liquid oral oxygen drops put in water: 15 drops twice daily.
  7. Balance and mediate the immune system with Bovine Colostrum powder in small amount milk:1 teasp. /25 pounds body weight 3 times daily for prolonged period- at least 6 months to 1 year. This not only helps normalize the immune system, but prevents infections with secondary bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections when kitty is weak.
  8. Strengthen the electromagnetic field, (Chi or Life Force) with my Healing Halter customized to fit your cat.
  9. Remove all Noxious radiations in the home environment from electromagnetics ( electrical wiring and plumbing),  with our anti-radiation devices, Tripak and 3 hole Resonator Bead and geopathic radiations (earth made) in the home, can predispose to asthma.
  10. Many of the above products are listed in our Basic Healing Cat Package at 10% discount.

All products mentioned are found in the product section of our electronic store

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